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27 June 2008 @ 12:54 am
#013: Guitar Hero  
1. If you post your prompt response elsewhere, link back to here.
2. Drabbles can be posted it in a comment. Longer works should be linked in the comments.
3. As the subject of your comment, use: "Title: Character/Pairing (Rating)"

Prompt: Guitar Hero

(Suggested by morlockiness! Thanks. Suggest your own themes here.)
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BeccaBeccaBeccareplays on June 28th, 2008 05:10 am (UTC)
Self Discovery: Jacob/Bella [PG]
It was at that moment that Bella Swan realized her self to be a girl.

"Jake," she fumbled, the guitar dropping to the ground.

"Hey! Be careful with that!" he called, picking up the plastic toy and cradling it gently in his arms. Bella rolled her eyes, slumping down on the couch.

"I swear you love that thing more than me," she muttered grumpily, but was properly ignored by the blasting music coming from the TV's speakers. Jacob's hands and concentration were busy now, stolen from her.

"You know," Bella started loudly, standing up. "Edward was always focused on me," she continued, busying herself with dishes in the nearby kitchen. "If I were at his house-"

Bella was cut off, Jake's guitar discarded as he growled.

"Don't joke about that," he seethed, glaring up at her.

Bella smiled returning joyously to his arms. Her body warmed as she snuggled into his chest, feeling his heart beat steadily. Tingles danced around her skin, his hand placed carefully at her waste.

"At least I can."