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#004: giggles

I really want to apologize for not being able to keep up with this :( Real life has been getting in the way, which is seriously unfair to you guys! So, would anyone like to be a co-mod with me? I really need some help. Not just with ideas, but with getting the posts up on time! :D

Welcome to the fourth post of fridaydrabble! I hope you all enjoy this prompt and that you're inspired to write something! This week, I'm going to give you a one word prompt and hopefully, one you'll be inspired to write something. I'd like to set down a few rules before I give you the prompt though...

1. You may post whatever you write in other communities as long as you link back to this community in every post!
2. If you only write a drabble, please post it in a comment. If you write something longer, which is encouraged, please post it in a public post at another community or at your own journal and link it in a comment to this post.
3. As the subject of your comment, please use this form: "Title: Character/Pairing (Rating)". Another example of that subject would be "Brownies for My Baby: Edward/Bella (Rating: PG)".

1. Giggles

Thanks to lovebuggin for suggestion this prompt when the community opened! I'd really love some suggestions for future prompts, so head on over to this post and suggest something!

Have fun,
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